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Learning curve Academy, we realize that choosing the right place for your infant is one of the most important decisions for any parent.
Our Infant Care rooms are designed and structured to help ease your anxiety and make the decision as comfortable as possible and are our highest priority.
Our caregivers are experienced and nurturing and are here to provide the personal and individual attention your child deserves. Highlighted are the areas we believe that sets us apart from others in the vicinity:

  • Safe, spacious and clean rooms
  • Close circuit cameras to monitor daily activities
  • Lots of social interaction and stimulating activities that help in your child’s cognitive development.
  • Separate and dedicated rooms for infants 6 months to 12 months old.
  • Each infant has their own designated, personal crib and lots of play space to explore and learn.
  • Your child’s learning, curiosity, and cognitive development is encouraged by us providing age-appropriate activities and toys
  • Daily activity sheets document your child’s activities and caregivers notes to you so that you are directly involved and in the loop.

We understand that there is no substitute for tender loving care, therefore we strive to provide a place for one on one nurturing through loving attitudes that supports growth and healthy development.

We believe when you compare our Infant Care program with others in the area, you will feel confident that Learning Curve Academy is the right decision for you.