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Choosing a Daycare Center: 4 Key Things to Consider

Choosing a daycare center in Orlando, Florida can be a stressful, overwhelming experience. This is understandable – after all, you are sending your beloved child to be with people who are not you! There is so much to think about, even when you think you have finally found some good options. To help out, Learning … Continue reading

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5 Brain Foods to Keep a Child Sharp

Children grow up quite fast. Before you know it, your baby has grown into a vivacious toddler big enough to get into a daycare center in Orlando, Florida. Of course, their physical qualities aren’t the only ones that grow and develop fast. Their brains do just as rapidly too. For the better development of a … Continue reading

How To Make Learning Interesting for Your Child

Learning can be made interesting. This fact is a very welcome realization for many parents especially when their children are showing signs of disinterest. Thankfully, parents can nurture their child’s love for learning in a way that makes the child look forward to learning opportunities. At our preschool in West Orlando, we promote quality learning … Continue reading

How TUMMY TIME Benefits Your Baby

Aren’t babies the cutest thing? As adorable as they are however, they are also very fragile and sensitive individuals. They require all the love, care, and supervision of their parents or their care provider. With this, our Daycare Center in Orlando, Florida takes charge of the babies entrusted to us with all our love and … Continue reading

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Things You Should Do Before Daycare Starts

Daycare marks an exciting milestone in your child’s development. But sometimes, this sudden transition from home life to school life can be a handful to deal with. Fret not, Learning Curve Academy has a couple of tips prepared that should help: Tell your child what day care is about Having an open line of communication … Continue reading

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Teaching Children About Colors

How do we teach children about colors? Colors and children are like two peas in a pod. They go to together almost every time. Where there are plenty of children, there’s many colors in the place, both literally and figuratively. However, colors are not only reflective of children’s nature. In our Daycare Center in Orlando, … Continue reading

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